Arulmigu Tirusulanathar Temple, Trisulam, Chennai

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Arulmigu Tirusulanathar Temple, Trisulam,

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    Tamil New Year

    Aadi Friday(4 Week Special Alangaram)

    Vinayagar Chathurthi


    Karthigai Deepam

    Margali Matha Dhanur Matha Poojai

    Masi Mahasivarathiri

    Monthly Pradhosam

     As usual, there is an array of historical names and spellings for the place and the temple at Tirusulam, including Thirusoolam, Thiruchuram, Thirusoolanaadhar, Trisulanathar, Sri Tirusoolanathar Nathar Temple, and Arulmigu Thirisoolanathar Alayam Temple.

     Tirusulam is one of many South India holy sites associated with aspects of the pastime wherein Shiva took off one of Brahmadeva's five heads. This temple is said to have been built during the reign of Kulothunga Chozha I, in the 12th century A.D. All around the City of Chennai are some 40 temples, each more than 1,000 years old. Kulothunga I's decision to build the temple at Tirusulam is said to be in honor of Lord Brahma's association with the place. Tirusulam Temple was later renovated by Sundara Chozhan.

     In the sanctum, Sri Thirusoolanaadhar, in linga roopa, is facing the east, while his consort Thiripurasundhari is facing south, from her position just outside the sanctum. There is another deity of Thiripurasundhari inside the main sanctum, just in front of the moolavar (main deity). During a Muslim invasion, the original deity of Devi from outside the sanctum was damaged by intruders, thus the new murti was installed in its place. A temple priest then dreamed that the Lord instructed him to place the damaged deity next to the main deity itself. So, the damaged deity of Devi found a place just next to Thirusoolanaadhar, and a new deity of his consort was placed outside the sanctum door.